Easy Korean Soup (vegan)

Foto description for disabled people: a green pot with a kimchi tofu vegetable soup and a pot of cooked rice.

Hey guys! Lately I’m totally into Korean food. Specially since I’m watching #jennim Videos & I love her food uploads so much. Inspired by her videos I went to an asian store & bought some tasty things. I always wanted to make some korean soup….let us say a mixture of kimchi and Doenjang Jjigae Soup? I know it is not close to the original recipe but I’m a big fan of trying and showing you, not to be afraid of touching food and just making your own style dish. So enjoy my first try of Korean soup recipe !

I sure need to practice more to get this soup flavorful. I was quite happy with my first results.

#korean #vegan #healthy

The ingredients I used:
sesame oil
pak Choi
bell pepper
half onion
ginger garlic
asian chilli flakes
soy sauce
fried tofu

The easiest thing would be, to mix up everything with water and add the tofu in the end.

And cooked rice.

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