Homemade Vegan Butter | Quick & Easy!

You will never buy another store-bought butter again! Who doesn’t love BUTTER?!! Well this recipe is QUICK, EASY, & doesn’t contain those undesirable ingredients most store-bought plant-based/vegan butters do! This plant-based/vegan butter is a great alternative without missing the delicious buttery flavor. It is great for not only those living a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, but great for ANYONE who wants a simple, quick, homemade butter recipe! I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as I do!

Hey! My name is Kia Love. Welcome to my channel! I am a foodie that turned my passion from unhealthy foods to healthy plants-based recipes. ALL of the recipes I share are the plant-based healthy versions of common, favorite, unhealthy, comfort meals. My recipes do NOT contain soy, tofu, seitan, & most of them do not contain gluten. My main focus is using fresh plant-based ingredients. I am also an asthmatic that have found healing through a plant-based lifestyle, including natural remedies & treatments. I will share my journey in hopes my tips will help other asthma sufferers & foodies out there seeking a healthier lifestyle!

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