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✪ Apple Muffins Vegan Recipe Made Easy | The Vegan Pastry ✪

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Crunchy and tender Vegan Apple Muffins video recipe + full details. Delicate apple muffins with a crunchy Peanut Craquelin top. Easy Vegan Dessert step-by-step.
Apple, cinnamon, vanilla in moist plant-based Muffins. Topped with a crunchy twist thanks to the peanut Craquelin. This is just a short description of these tender comfort Vegan Muffins.
This apple muffins recipe is incredible on his own, but we wanted to give it a twist adding a crunchy element, the peanut Craquelin.
Craquelin is a typical France element used to top choux pastry desserts, is a base made of butter and flour that is solid at room temperature but melt once baked in the oven.
Thanks’ to the characteristics of this component in the recipe, we have an incredible moist muffin with a crunchy, sugary-salty top.
We slightly change the Craquelin nature and made a peanut version that we think is perfect combine with the sweetness from the apple.



■ 75gr Strong White Flour
■ 75 gr All Purpose Flour
■ 100 gr Oil (Sunflower or other mild, neutral tasting)
■ 80 gr Organic Brown Sugar (or White Beetroot Sugar)
■ 100 gr Plant-Based Milk (soy, almond or cashews)
■ 80 gr Diced Apple
■ 40 gr Apple Cider Vinegar
■ Vanilla pod 1/2 (or 1 tsp Vanilla Extract)
■ 1/4 tsp Ground Cinnamon
■ Baking Powder 2 tsp
■ Baking Soda 1/2
■ Pinch of Salt


■ 30 gr Peanut Butter (sugar free, 95% roasted peanuts or higher)
■ 80 gr Plant-Based Butter (80% fat content)
■ 100 gr Organic Brown Sugar
■ 100 gr All Purpose Flour

The ingredients are for 10 Delicious Plant-Based Apple Muffins

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