MY NEW COOKBOOK! Plant Biased (90+ easy plant-based recipes + beginners guide!)

FINALLY! I can share my new plant based cookbook with you all! Take a look inside and see why it’s already being rated as one of the top vegan cookbooks on Amazon. Buy on Amazon here:

Purchase the PDF version of the cookbook on my website:

Whether you’re an absolute beginner to plant based eating or you’re looking for more inspiration to spice up your vegan meals, Plant Biased will be the one indispensable cookbook you always keep handy in the kitchen.

What This Beginner’s Guide Will Teach You:
✓ Why Plant Biased? Understand the “why” behind your choice to go plant-based!

✓ Vegan Cooking Basics: What you need to know and what to avoid when cooking.

✓ Grocery Shopping: How to confidently find healthy, unprocessed foods at the store.

✓ Nutritional Guidelines: Make sure you and your family meet all your nutritional needs!

✓ Kitchen Essentials: Learn how to create a place where you’ll LOVE to cook!


90+ Vegan Recipes (and LOTS of Photos!) Including:
✓ Breakfast Recipes: Pancakes, granola, breads, donuts, oatmeals and more!

✓ Main Meal Recipes: Creative, hearty and healthy meals that will satisfy even the meat-eaters in your house!

✓ Dessert Recipes: Even vegans need dessert, and these recipes won’t disappoint.

✓ Snack & Bread Recipes: Delicious breads and snacks to keep everybody satisfied.

✓ Drink Recipes: Smoothies, juices, milks and teas to compliment any meal.

✓ …and much, much more!

Take control of your health and feel confident about the food you serve your family. Plant based cooking is easier than you think, and this cookbook and beginner’s guide will answer all your questions, offering tips and suggestions from a seasoned vegan mom.

Oh, and did we mention that there’s a photo for each recipe? ♥♥

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