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This video is about 10 Super easy Vegan recipes. I have shared these plant based beans recipes inspired by the South Indian savory dish called Sundal. Sundal is a South Indian snacks usually prepared on an auspicious day as offering to the god. It is just the pre-cooked legumes that are again sauteed in the spices, herbs finish off the dish with freshly grated coconut.

If you’re a vegan then, you would have already realized that coconut can make any dish taste delicious. My recommendation is instead of using a canned coconut milk or dried coconuts, please try to make own coconut milk at home. I know breaking the fresh coconut is not an easy task since we all live in the apartments. Moreover, fresh coconuts are not available in western markets. But don’t worry, I have got you covered. Go to your nearby Indian grocery stores and get a frozen grated coconut from the freezer section. My favorite brand is daily delight grated coconut. Thirty minutes before cooking, move the coconut bag from freezer section to refrigeration section. Allow it to thaw in the fridge. After usage move back the coconut bag to the freezer section. This way your grated coconut may stay good for long time.

Frozen coconut is also available at Walmart freezer Isle.

Birds Eye Coconut Frozen Coconut :

All the Spices and Herbs are available at Walmart Hispanic Isle, Herbs at Spices area, H Mart, Trader joe’s, Whole foods, Wegmans.

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