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Hello Guys,
Welcomr to FOOD FOR FOODIES, Today we are going to make office #tiffin or #lunchboxes with lots of variation. In this we are going to make different recipes from different #statesofIndia. Our rich culture has also influenced our cooking in many ways. I hope you like these recipes.
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This video is to #shubhAarabh the era after covid.

Time Stamps for the recipes :
1. Recipe : 0:51
2. Recipe : 7:52
3. Recipe : 12:16 – do add salt in idle
4. Recipe : 19:15
5. Recipe : 24:13
Jalebi that remains crispy in tiffin : https://youtu.be/TpryAAC0Yh4
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More than 30 unique Tiffin recipes

Tiffin recipe 1

Tiffin recipe 2

Tiffin recipe 3

Tiffin recipe 4

Tiffin recipe 5

Tiffin recipe series :

Tiffin recipe 6 ( Husband Tiffin )

Garam Masala recipe: https://youtu.be/6ImHN3PXv4s
About Me : Hello, I am Ritika. I am Engineer + MBA by qualification. I love making videos & my love for food landed me here !
My recipes are authentic and no fail( please watch carefully ), I try to cover smallest bit here so that you don’t face any issue while replicating them.
My recipes are kid”s friendly and made up of simple ingredients. I try to balance nutrition & taste at the same time.
Hope to see you more often.
Much Love


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